Sleep eye mask

We are introducing THE-SPA-NOTES sleep eye mask. It comes with a gel to help you enjoy refreshing cold and relaxing hot therapy for your eyes. It will relax the muscles around the eyes, reduce puffiness, dark circles and redness. 

The THE-SPA-NOTES sleep mask can also be used to block the light and help you experience a good night’s sleep. Because your sleep is important to you, it will help you relax and easily fall asleep.

It is soft, comfy, lightweight and gentle ith the eyes. It’s adjustable, elastic Velcro strap is friendly with your hair and will not tangle it.

For cool/warm treatment with gel or for blocking the light at night, while travelling by car or plane or boat or train or bus, for afternoon naps at home or in the park, or when you do yoga in shavasana. 

A brunette girl wearing a sleep eye mask.

My THE-SPA-NOTES sleep eye mask is soft, comfy, lightweight and gentle with my eyes. It comes with a gel that I can put in the fridge for a few minutes and insert it in the sleep mask for cold therapy. The cold therapy helps with reducing puffiness around my eyes, making them look fresh and rejuvenating. BUY IT HERE

Blonde girl lying wearing a sleep eye mask and smiling while lying on a chair

My THE-SPA-NOTES sleep eye mask is not only for sleeping in bed. I can take advantage of the cold or hot therapy with the gel while relaxing and taking a little nap in my garden on a hot, sunny day.

My morning ritual. After a good night’s sleep, taking off my THE-SPA-NOTES sleep eye mask to wash my face and brush my teeth.