Why I fell in love with Echinacea

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In case you haven’t heard of Echinacea before, it is not a type of dance or the name of a village in Spain. Nope. It is a plant. Specifically, Echinacea is a group of flower plants in the daisy family. They are also called coneflowers. They only grow in eastern and central North America. Now that we did the introductions, what is so special about Echinacea that I fell in love with it?
Well, we first met about six months ago in January. I was dealing with a quite intense cold or flu, not sure exactly what it was (I do not think it was COVID19, it was too early days then). After a week of taking paracetamol and cough syrups, I was still feeling off and very weak, and the coughing was unbearable. And then it happened. Our paths finally crossed.
My cousin suggested that I take Echinacea herbal tablets for cold and flu. She said she had taken before and helped her to get over a cold. I had no idea what Echinacea was at the time. I looked it up and it looked cute, like a daisy dressed in pink. Apparently, they make tablets, capsules, spray, drops, liquid and tea from Echinacea. They are all herbal and natural, there isn’t any chemistry involved. And that was it. A great love affair had begun. Echinacea helped me get over my cold and we have been inseparable since then.
I personally take the Echinacea tablets, when I start to feel a bit iffy and seeing the first symptoms of flu or cold. I also love drinking organic Echinacea tea, either plain or with Lavender and it is caffeine free, as well. I would avoid taking any paracetamol or any other form of drugs, only until it is completely necessary. I am a firm advocate of healthy living and take into careful consideration what I am putting in my body.
Some health benefits of Echinacea:
1. Boosts the immune system and can help with getting over a cold and flu
2. High in antioxidants that help your body defend from diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and others
3. May relax your body and reduce feelings of anxiety and stress
Warning: Though Echinacea has so many positive benefits, it might also invoke some side effects. This is down to each body and how it may react. Therefore, I would recommend to seek advice from a doctor before you take Echinacea, especially if you are allergic or dealing with any kind of health issues.
Stay safe. x

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