The secret for a radiant skin that glows, naturally

Let me guess, you are expecting to see a line-up of types of products that will magically rejuvenate your skin, face and body. You might also be thinking, yeah yeah heard this before but let’s read one more blog about skin care, because you never now. Well, trust me you do know but might not really want to believe it or admit it. Skin care products will always be welcome and necessary for better-looking and feeling skin. And we will always need them but in my opinion, they are complimentary.
If you are asking me, my skin looks and feels at its best when I am having an active, meaningful and loving sex life. Meaning when I am having beautiful sex with someone I love and care about. Clearly, it is mandatory for the feelings to be mutual for each party. Also, for the mix to work it is quite important that you are having sex on a regular basis. Define ‘regular basis’? Hm…you are the one setting the bar, and I guess it is objective, but I do not think once or twice a month would have much impact. Maybe, think of it more like on a weekly basis skin therapy. Or even better on a daily basis. Having sex it helps improve blood circulation, and at the same time it increases the flow of oxygen to the skin and other organs. As a result, your complexion brightens and gives your skin that glow.
Okay, now it comes the question, what if I am single? This is a great question. My advise would be to practise ‘self-love’ on a regular basis. Which is something I do, to be honest, even when I am in a relationship. Because we should never, ever neglect ourselves and always remind our body how much we love it. And then our body will be filled with joy and satisfaction and trust me, it will reward you with a more radiant and glowing looking skin.
Enjoy. And always practise safe sex.