How to re-use makeup leftovers

makeup products on the floor
I hate waste. Not just food waste but any type of waste, including makeup. Now that I am staying home, COVID-19 reality check, I had all the time in the world to go through my makeup bag. And guess what, I have discovered a whole other world in there that was crying for help and attention. Over-used sad mascara, colours of half-empty eye shadow palettes looking a bit tardy, almost finished lipsticks going through mid-life existential crisis and so on. Well, I thought to myself, we need an intervention here to save my beauty world from ‘depression’.
I spoke to my lovely and gorgeous cousin, Yota, who is an ambassador of clean beauty and a supporter of using natural products and solutions. She had some interesting ideas about how to use the leftovers in my makeup bag and save them from a definite ‘depression’.

Here are a few useful beauty tips:

1. A broken light-coloured eye shadow can be mixed with your body cream or body oil to give you shiny and glitter looking skin.
2. The brush of a mascara that is coming to end, can be carefully cleaned and used as a perfect brush for eyebrows!
3. Make your own BB Cream with a touch of foundation and day cream. Simply mix the foundation with your day cream in your hand and apply on your face. The result is smooth and velvet looking skin.
4. If you have a few almost-finished lipsticks, just place them all in a bowl and put them in the microwave. Just the colour part of the lipstick, not the whole product! Any shades will do, it doesn’t matter. You will end up with a new shade which you can put in a small lip balm type jar and use.
5. Do you happen to have different shades of leftover makeup foundation and do not know what to do with them? There is a practical and handy solution, of course. Mix them with your body cream and create a nice colour to tone and light up your own skin colour. Apply in your body or body parts that are exposed from your outfit.
Stay safe. x