KETO: It is more than a diet. It’s a movement

Today we are discovering the Keto movement and trying to figure out what the whole buzz is all about. Have you heard of the KETO diet or ketogenic diet? It is a low-carb, higher-fat diet that can help you burn fat more effectively and give you plenty of other physical and mental benefits. 
What does Keto mean, though? With the Keto diet your body stops to use glucose for fuel and uses fat instead. By doing so, it produces small molecules called ‘ketones’. When this happens, it enters a metabolic state called ketosis
It has been proven that ketones are actually the best source of energy to run on, especially for our main organs like the brain and the heart.
Main benefits of being in a state of ketosis include: better energy, better focus and concentration, better sleep, better skin, better digestion, better immune system and of course better fat loss.
We spoke to Keto coach, Elisa Lavera about ketosis: ‘Ketosis is a mind and body state, which helps you lose weight and makes you feel at the best version of yourself. Generally, it can be achieved either by following a strict keto diet, extreme and intense training or prolonged fasting.’
However, there is a new, faster and more effective way to achieve the desired ketosis state and its benefits. The first and only bioidentical exogenous ketones that puts your body in ketosis within 60 mins were launched on the market.
Imagine your body as an operating system running at its full capacity every single day. This is what you can expect with exogenous ketones. These innovative products are in pre-launch state in Europe and the UK. Reach out to Elisa if you want to be part of the ketones conversation, she will be more than happy to answer all your questions.
Stay safe. x

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