A rose for your skin

Now that you are staying home and staying safe, there is plenty of time to pamper yourself. Today you are taking care of your skin with rose water. It is important that your skin stays hydrated and balanced.

Here is a simple, natural, healthy skin recipe about how to use rose water for your face. The rose water is scented water made from rose petals in cleansed, purified water. It is being used for cooking, especially for desserts, but his cosmetic use has extraordinary results for the skin, as well.


After carefully washing your face, morning and evening, you will apply the rose water as a toner lotion with cotton wool before you apply your day cream and night cream. The rose water used to be my grandmother’s beauty secret, in simpler times long time ago. It feels like grandmas always know what’s best for everything, right?


After a few weeks of applying rose water to your face, you will definitely see the difference on your skin. It will give hydration and natural glow to your skin. Rose water will remove the oil and dirt from your skin and unclog your pores. There are more benefits of the rose water, like anti-inflammatory, soothing of redness, dryness and acne-prone skin. I am confident you will love it.

Let’s not forget that the well being of our skin also depends on the wellbeing of our soul. Stay positive, energetic and mentally balanced, and I promise your skin will look radiant.

Stay safe. x

Photo credit: @benceballaschottner

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