How to Use a Concealer for a Clean Result

When it comes to applying make-up, foundation is going to make sure that your skin is covered as much as possible. Foundation is there to even up your skin tone and give you the ideal base to apply the rest of your make-up products, however, if you have any dark spots, pimples or other blemishes that foundation isn’t quite covering, you are going to need to embrace concealer into your routine.  

Want to make sure that you get your concealer right and you have the cleanest looking make-up possible? Well, take a look at our top tips for making sure that your face is looking the best that it can.  

Choose the right shade 

The most important thing for you to think about when it comes to choosing concealer, is making sure that you get the right shade. The right shade can really make the difference on how your concealer looks and of course how your skin looks too. You need to think more than just about how to match with your skin tone, but also think about how you can treat your main areas of concern.  

  • Green concealer will treat redness 
  • Yellow concealer will brighten your face 
  • Lavender concealer will help you to even out yellow skin tones  
  • Orange concealer will cover purple spots 

Choose the right type of concealer 

Another important thing to think about is the type of concealer that you want to use. They come in many different forms, sticks, pots of cream and pencils too. The type that you choose will really depend on your skin type, stick concealers are not good for those people with big pores and pencil styled concealers will work well for those who want to cover acne.  

Always prep your face 

In order to make sure that your concealer looks its best, you need to prep your face. You should always wash your face and apply a good quality moisturiser. Concealer will go on nice and smoothly if you have the perfect blank canvas to apply it to.  

Start with your dark circles 

Most of us have dark circles under our eyes, so this is likely to be a place that you want to start. You can apply concealer in this area with your fingers or with a brush, however you should never rub it in, as this will damage the sensitive and delicate skin in the area. It is a much better idea to dab the concealer on, as this will protect your skin and will also still give you the coverage that you are hoping for.  

Cover your blemishes 

If you have acne, dark spots or any other blemishes that you want to use concealer to cover, then this is likely to be the next stage in your make-up process. It is important that you dab concealer on these marks, blending the concealer outwards onto your skin. You will need to not only make sure that you blend carefully, but you should also apply a thin layer as this will help to ensure that your make-up doesn’t looked caked on.  

These are just some of the basics of applying concealer. It is important that you always take your time, that you choose a good product and that you make sure that you blend as much as you can. That way your blemishes will be covered, but you won’t need to worry about it being obvious.  

Speak soon. x

Photo credit: Drew Graham