LOL. The soul healing benefits of laughing out loud

When was the last time that you really laughed, that you laughed long, hard and out loud? Chances are that it isn’t as often as it should be. You might think that laughing is simply a reaction to something that is funny, but laughing is much more valuable than that.  

To inspire you we have put together the soul healing benefits of making sure that you laugh out loud as much as you can.  

It reduces the stress hormones  

Your body naturally produces a range of hormones which are designed to make you feel a certain way and react a certain way. Stress hormones are released during times of pressure and these include cortisol, dopamine and adrenaline. If you want to try and reduce these chemicals and therefore reduce your feelings of stress, then you are going to want to try and laugh more. Laughing will increase endorphins in your bloodstream which will make you feel happier and will also give your immune system a boost too.  

It is a physical release 

We have all had moments in our lives when it feels that if we don’t laugh then chances are that we will cry instead. Laughing is a great release for built up feelings or tension within us and helps us to feel that we have let go not only emotionally, but physically too.  

It gives us a workout 

Of course laughing isn’t the same as heading to the gym and knocking out some push-ups, but having a good belly laugh at something funny is going to exercise your diaphragm as well as your abs. You may even find that your shoulders feel that they have had a bit of a workout after a good hard laugh. 

You will be distracted 

Sometimes the only way that we can feel better about a situation or simply with everyday life, is to be distracted away from those negative emotions. By focusing on something funny or something that makes you feel happy you are distracting your mind and it won’t have time to dwell on the things that are getting you down.  

Those good feelings spread 

Us humans are social creatures by our very nature, so when we feel a certain way it is always better if we can share it with others around us. Particularly laughter. Laughter, is, in most cases contagious, so, if we try our best to chuckle as much as we can, then we soon find that others around us are smiling and laughing too. Which will make us feel even happier.  

So, there you have it, some of the biggest benefits to making sure that you laugh out loud at every opportunity that you have. Find the humour in everyday life, find things that make you smile and we can promise you that you will feel so much better inside and out.  

As you can see, laughter is so much more than just an expression of something that we have found funny. Laughter makes us feel better inside and out and also helps us to share joy and happiness with other people around us too.  

Why not make more of an effort to laugh on a daily basis? We can promise you that a simple chuckle can leave you feeling amazing.  

Speak soon.