Red Lipstick. When and How to Wear

When you think of glamour and all out, in your face sex appeal, chances are that a woman wearing red lipstick will spring to mind. Red lipstick is not only seen as being incredibly sexy and alluring, but it is also a shade that is often worn by a woman who is confident.  

The only trouble with red lipstick is that it seems to be a shade that many women seem scared of wearing. They may think that they will look too in your face, like they have tried too hard, or even worse, they might get the application wrong and have it smudged all over their face and teeth.  

To help you to have the confidence to wear red lipstick, let’s take a look at some of the rules of how and when to wear this bright and bold shade.  

Consider the rest of your make-up 

When you wear red lipstick one important thing to consider is how the rest of your make-up is going to look. You can wear pink blush, if that is your go-to, but you need to try your best to keep it looking as natural as possible. If you are worried about which type (or colour of eyeshadow) to go or, then take inspiration from other sources, lots of people team red lipstick with a simpler, more monochrome combination should as a black lined cat eye or a really basic smokey eye. 

Always use lip liner 

Are you scared of lip liner? Well, if you want to wear red lipstick as successfully as possible, well then you are going to need to embrace liner as much as you can. Lip liner really helps to make sure that red lips pop, and it will also help to give your lipstick staying power, stopping it from bleeding into the rest of your face or even worse, smudging everywhere.  

Stay away from red clothes 

Now, we know that Jessica Rabbit got away with an all red affair, but in the real world this doesn’t work quite as well. If you want to make sure that your red lips are making a statement then you need to try and stay away from red in your outfit. Go for an all black ensemble or perhaps something monochrome if all black isn’t your thing.  

Stain it up 

If you are worried that red lips are too bold for you, then why don’t you start with a more gentle approach first? Apply some clear balm to your lips and then pat some red lipstick onto the balm, nice and gentle. This will create a softer, more natural look to your red lips and will help you to get used to wearing the shade without worrying that it is too in your face.  

Think about shades 

Red lipstick isn’t just red. There are a whole wealth of shades that run under the red to work with your skin tone. Reds that have blue hues are great if you are worried about the colour of your teeth, Orange toned red lipsticks will make teeth look darker, but if you can work with that then they can be a great shade.  

As you can see red lipstick doesn’t have to be daunting. So, take a deep breath, be brave and we can promise you that you are going to make a positive impact on everyone that you meet!  

Speak soon.


Photo credit: Rafael Saes

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