Why breathing right is important for stress relief

We all breathe, in fact it is something that we do without even thinking about it. We take breathing for granted and we probably don’t even realise the power that it can have over how we feel. Especially when it comes to stressful situations.  

To realise this all we need to do is take notice of how we breathe when we are feeling relaxed, a good time to do this is just before we go to sleep at night, or perhaps when we wake up in the morning. These breaths will be long and deep and with each one our brain will know that we are to feel calm and relaxed.  

However, in comparison, our breathing when we feel stressed, is nothing like this. During stressful times we are likely to breathe fast and shallow breathes. We will have an increased heart rate and both of these things can also then contribute to having a high blood pressure too.  

Of course, when we are feeling the strain, one of the last things that we are going to think to do is focus on our breathing, however, this could be just the thing that we need to calm us down.  

But why is this? Why is breathing right going to work on relieving your stress?  

Your muscles relax  

When you take big, deep breaths you are going to be focused on that rather than holding all the tension in your muscles. Without physical tension you are going to feel that your muscles are relaxed and that your brain will follow.  

You will take in more oxygen 

Deep breathing means that your body is going to be flooded with oxygen and more oxygen is only a good thing. With more oxygen you will see that your mental concentration improves and that the overall functionality of your entire body improves. Making you feel that you can take on anything that the world has to throw at you.  

You will bring your blood pressure down 

As we have already stated, when you are stressed out you are going to find that your blood pressure raises. With deep calming breathes you can see a reduction in your blood pressure, eventually returning it to a normal level.  

Your brain sends out endorphins 

Endorphins are important when it comes to feeling good and feeling relaxed. When you practice deep breathing you are sending out a message to your brain to release endorphins, which will then flood your system, improving your mental wellbeing and getting you back on the right track.  

You may not realise it, but when you feel that you are within a stressful situation, one of the best things that you can do is focus on your breathing. It might not seem like a miracle cure, but we can promise you that within a very short space of time you will feel more relaxed and ready to face whatever it is that the world wants to throw at you.  


Photo credit: @jeremybishop

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