How to break-fast on a busy day


We all know that the most important meal of the day is breakfast, but the trouble with breakfast is that sometimes we simply don’t have the time to spare to indulge in healthy breakfast recipe. This means that we either go without breakfast that day, or we swap a healthy breakfast for one that isn’t quite as healthy.

The thing about breakfast is that even when you are short on time, you can still try and be as healthy as possible. To help inspire you, we have put together healthy breakfast ideas that help you to break(fast). 

Berry and Yoghurt Breakfast Smoothie

One of the quickest and still healthy breakfasts that you can make is a smoothie. Smoothies for breakfast are not only healthy, but they are delicious too. Especially a simple berry and yoghurt breakfast smoothie. For this one, you only need a few ingredients and everything that is in it is packed full of good stuff, as well as packed full of taste too.

Quinoa Fruit Salad

Do you love a fruit salad to start your day? Are you feeling that it could do with spicing up a bit? Why not add a bit of texture with a scoop of quinoa? You may think of this grain as a savoury dish, but added to a fruit salad with a honey, lime and basil dressing and you will definitely see it as sweet addition. 

Avocado Toast with Egg

There is something truly special about the combination of avocado and egg. This is why egg recipes and avocado recipes seem to go hand in hand. You might need a little more time to create avocado toast with egg, but we can promise you it will be worth it. All you need to do is toast two slices of bread then top with a smashed avocado and two eggs. This breakfast is best eaten straightaway, but if you do need to take it with you then make sure the yolks are harder and then make it into a sandwich. 

Egg Breakfast Muffins

Egg is a healthy addition to any meal, so it is no surprise that we have two egg breakfast recipes on our list. The great thing about this particular creation is that you can prepare it the night before, or even make it for a couple of days in a row. The great thing about making these for breakfast is that they are not only incredibly simple to make, but you can make them to your own personal tastes too. As you can see, breakfast can be speedy and it can be healthy too. Think about what you can prep the night before or choose quick and easy recipes and we can promise you that you won’t only start your day off the best way possible, but that you will also feel great too.


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