How to get rid of tired eyes. Naturally.

Girl wearing a sleep eye mask and lying down

The bad news is that there is no magic way to get rid of dark circles, eye bags and puffiness under your eyes in one evening, unless you undergo cosmetics surgery, obviously. But we are against surgery because we like doing things Au Naturel.

The good news is that you can eliminate the dark circles, eye bags and puffiness under your eyes. First, you must learn what causes them. Knowing the causes, it will be easier to apply certain home, natural remedies and make some changes in your lifestyle that will help your eyes look healthier and brighter. Lack of sleep, bad lifestyle, smoking, allergies, consumption of salt or/and caffeine are some of the most important reasons your eyes might look tired, saggy, puffy or have dark circles.

Here is what I would recommend for you to do:

Sleep (s)Well

Lack of sleep is the most apparent and common cause of tiredness for our body. If we do not get enough sleep, our body and mind will not function properly, causing side effects such as under-eye skin issues, dark circles, bags or puffiness. If you are having trouble sleeping or the light in the morning wakes you up early times, how about using a sleep mask? And how about a sleep mask with gel, which you can either put in the fridge for cold spa therapy or in hot water for warm spa therapy. The cold treatment soothes puffy eyes and dark circles, also relieves sinuses if you have season allergies. The gel mask over your eyes will also relieve from a persistent headache. The hot therapy will soothe redness and swelling after, i.e. you wax your eyebrows.

Healthy Lifestyle

What does your lifestyle look like? Do you eat well, sleep well, drink lots of water, take breaks from your busy, stressful life to rest and exercise? Too much salt in your food or consumption of too many coffees on a daily basis, will result to water retention in your body and appearance of bags and dark circles under your eyes. Also, if  you are going out every night and drinking gallons of alcohol that will not help your tired, saggy eyes either. You must change to a healthy lifestyle. It is simple as that. It is not easier said than done. It is easy to do, all you have to do is to actually do it. Start your effort with going for a run or register at a yoga class.

No Smoking

I think ‘Smoking Kills’ is the oldest line ever, after ‘Mind the Gap’ in the London tube. You do know that smoking kills, right? It can cause cancer in your lungs and this can be fatal. But I am not even going there. Because the cancer in your lungs nobody can see it. But the saggy eyes and dark circles under your eyes everyone can see them, and I think this is even scarier! Smoking will definitely suck up all the freshness and elasticity of your skin making it look older, especially under the eyes creating those noticeable dark circles and bags. If you like having them then keep smoking and maybe cancer will kick in soon and you could die…with really bad eyes!

Know Your Allergies

Not everyone is allergic, but if you are one of those people who suffer from allergies, you should know that one of the symptoms of an allergic reaction is puffiness and swelling under your eyes. Histamines that are released during an allergic reaction, inflame the blood vessels and cause swelling which leads to dark circles under the eyes. I would suggest that you visit a doctor or do an allergy test to know what you are allergic to, so that you can prevent or fight it the next time it makes its appearance.

It’s Genetics After All

How do you fight DNA? Well…you don’t. If it is in your DNA to have bags or dark circles under your eyes because your mother or grandmother have them, then most probably you are doomed to also have them. BUT you can definitely reduce the signs by trying to avoid all the Donts we have mentioned earlier, and maybe enhance your skincare routine with some nourishing eye serum. Trust me it will be fine and your eyes will look much better.

But there is also the category of people who don’t have any issue with their skin under their eyes, without having to make an effort at all, because it is also in their DNA to have fresh, young looking eyes without any darkness or puffiness. This can be beyond frustrating for all the rest who are trying so hard but…who said life is fair?

Speak soon.


Photo credit: Maria Trochoula

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