Three delicious ways to have passion

I believe it is vital to be clarified that this is not about Drake’s song, Passionfruit. No, it is not though I really like this song. This is about the actual fruit, the passion fruit. By the way, right this moment that I am writing my notes here, I am eating passion fruit and listening to Passionfruit by Drake on YouTube. It can’t get more passionate that this! 🙂

Recently, I have discovered my passion for passion fruit! I know…recently?! Where have I been living all this time? Oh well, better late than never.

What is up with this weird-looking, small, tropical fruit with juicy, seedy interior and hard exterior that looks like a baseball? I believe that it is one of those things that you either love or hate. There cannot be a middle situation. In my case, it is LOVE. Not to mention its healthy benefits. Actually, I will mention them below. Read carefully.

Did you know that the passion fruit:

  • is a tropical fruit that belongs in the Passiflora family, the passion flower family
  • is a nutritional source of carbohydrates, carotene, vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, fiber
  • can be cultivated in any warm climate in the world
  • boosts the immune system – the vitamin C stimulates the activity of the white blood cells protecting you from illnesses or diseases
  • improves blood circulation – it relaxes the tension of blood vessels
  • will help you sleep at night – it will fight insomnia and anxiety


Make yogurt parfait with passion fruit, granola, peach sauce and mint. Again it is as easy as it sounds. Take a medium size glass, any available in your kitchen will do, add one layer of yogurt (I prefer Greek style yogurt), then some granola with passion fruit seeds, then another layer of yogurt and some granola with passion fruit and then pour the peach sauce and on top you decorate it with mint leaves. It is so healthy, tasteful and yummy at the same time. An absolutely refreshing breakfast or dessert for the summer days. Enjoy! 🙂

Yogurt parfait with granola, peach sauce and passion fruit with mint in glass on wooden rustic background


The obvious way. Take a passion fruit, cut it in half and eat its firm, juicy and seedy meat with a spoon. It is simply delicious and not to mention very nutritious.

passion fruit in a yellow bowl


Maybe you are not in the mood to go out on a Saturday night but instead you have invited some friends over to relax and hang out in the garden or balcony or just in your cozy living room. How about indulging them in some passion fruit Caipirinha cocktails to cool down the hot, summer night? All you will need is lime, cane sugar, fresh mint leaves, some passion fruit (obviously), cachaca and crushed ice. The recipe is easy to make and find here. Because life is short and the night is long ;). Cheers!

Alcoholic cocktail with fresh passion fruit with mint and ice.

Regardless if you are a morning or night person, I believe I have managed to cover all passion fruit types. Passion in life can be found in the smallest, every day things even those who might look like a baseball from the outside but hide a nutritious treasure on the inside.

Speak soon.


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