The art of a good night’s sleep

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Let me guess, lately you have been sleep deprived. Don’t worry, it is probably you and most likely half the population in the world who are also claiming sleepless on earth. Apparently, one in three of us suffers from poor sleep. It sounds almost like a trend, which on Twitter would have been a success, #lackofsleeponeinthree.

Has it been a week, or maybe a month or a couple of months, that you have completely forgotten what it feels like to be able to sleep for full, undisturbed, peaceful 7 – 8 hours during the night? Being able to sleep at night sounds like a dream that you cannot even dream about, literally, right? Not to mention that you are constantly in a bad mood. Trust me I have been there, on and off…

Occasional lack of sleep, might make you feel tired and cranky the next day, but it is not going to harm your health. On the other hand, chronic sleep deprivation may cause serious physical and mental health issues such as, diabetes, obesity or depression. No need to panic though, it doesn’t mean that you will necessary develop all these health conditions. The good news is that in any case, you are not going to die. Unless your insomnia is caused by a medical condition, in which case it would be wise to pay a visit to a doctor, there are ways to treat it yourself.

In my case, the main reason that used to keep me up at night was stress and stress only. In other words, anxiety. Sounds familiar? I believe that ‘stress’ is the evil cause of most health conditions. So, it is very simple what you need to do: get rid of your stress and you will sleep like a baby. You must be thinking now, yeah right easier said than done, but you will be surprised how easy it actually is. It is all in your head and only you can control what’s in your head. Why would you let it control you?

Trust me no matter how much you worry about managing a complicated work project, or paying off the mortgage or the college fees, or you are still single and nowhere near in finding a husband and having your own family, staying up all night, you will not complete the work project or pay off your debts or find the father of your children. Okay fine, you may find men in the night but they will be far from father material.

Here are a few tips to try that will help you balance your thinking and control your emotions, hence sleep better at night. Well, at least these tips have helped me.

Start reading a book. It is an ‘all-times classic’ way to concentrate on something else, get your mind off all the worries and you won’t realise when you will fall asleep. Not to mention the advantage of educating yourself.

Bedroom interior with bed and flowers on nightstand

Avoid drinking alcohol at night. No good can come from drinking alcohol at night, unless you are on holiday. Alcohol, in some occasions, might help you sleep faster but it blocks REM sleep and the sleep will be of poor quality. You will probably wake up in the middle of the night to pay trips to the bathroom or feel crumbly and unfocused the next day.

Drink lemongrass tea. You will be surprised by the healing benefits of the lemongrass tea, but most importantly, you will love it because it will soothe you and help you relax and sleep. I also think it is very yummy in its taste, clean and fresh.

Woman's hand holding cup of tea with lemon on a cold day

Eat passion fruit. Magnesium is the mineral that will improve the quality, duration and tranquility of your sleep. Apparently, the passion fruit is full of magnesium! Don’t wait any longer. Make it your passion.

Create a comfortable sleep environment. It is so very important the environment where you are sleeping in. Little things like, the colour or material of your bed linen, or the smell in your room might be causing you feelings of resentment and you might not even realise it. Change anything that bothers your sight or touch or smell in the room. Try an essential oil diffuser to calm the atmosphere in the room.


It is vital that you understand that to win your sleep back, you need to find the peace in certain parts in your life, not just in the moment before you go to bed.

I would suggest that you start doing yoga. Or at least try it. You will fall in love with the connection you will build with your body. This connection will instantly release more energy in your body and balance your mind in a way that you will feel good about yourself and more confident to deal with every day life.

Trust me, you can have your sleep back tonight.

It is that easy and you are not alone.

Speak soon.


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