London calling for a facial

I don’t think people take seriously the importance of getting a facial for their skin care. Especially, those crazy-busy people living in London, including myself, who are so absorbed by work, every day errands and family dramas that most of the times we forget to take care of ourselves and specifically our skin.

Cleaning our face with skin care products every day is as much mandatory as brushing our teeth. However, no matter how good care we take of our teeth, we still need to visit our dentist every now and then for professional teeth cleaning in order to preserve our oral hygiene and keep our teeth in place for as long as possible. Following the same logic, it is vital that we receive professional cleansing of our face. The younger we realize the importance of a clean skin, the less effort we will have to put into looking younger when we get older.

What is a facial though and how often should we have one?

close up of beautiful young woman lying with closed eyes and cosmetologist applying facial mask by brush in spa

A facial is a skin care treatment for the face. It includes steam, exfoliation, extraction, cream, and lotion, facial mask, peel, and massage. A facial is applicable to all skin types. It nourishes your skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion and also helps your skin look younger. Anita Brown, Spas expert, explains in more detail, the basic steps of a facial.

According to Renée Rouleau, skin care expert and esthetician, we should get a facial once a month. “The reason for this is that it takes that amount of time for the skin cells to move through a full life cycle of cell growth and make their way from the dermis to the surface of the skin where they are naturally sloughed off.” says Renée.

Oily skin can be acne prone with blackheads and redness. It can be very frustrating to deal with. My dermatologist had advised me on getting a professional facial skin treatment at least once in two months. At first, to be honest, I did not take her advice seriously and kept struggling with sensitive, redness prone skin, no matter how good quality or expensive skin care products I have been using. Once I have decided to start having facials on a regular basis, I have stopped having problems with my skin. Now it looks a lot more firm, clearer, softer and matte.

Living in a fast paced city like London, I can understand that finding spare time in a very busy schedule it can be very challenging. But I am sure we all want a better-looking, healthier and younger skin.

Life is short and no one is getting any younger. No matter the type of your skin, you can make it look more beautiful and younger with as simple as a regular facial treatment. Give it a go.

Speak soon.


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