Have a break – Have a foot massage

Have you ever had a foot massage? If you are asking me, I have just had a foot massage and it was an absolutely relaxing, stress release experience. After the session, I was thinking to myself: I cannot believe I haven’t been doing this more often! How could I have been missing out on this? Well, not anymore.

Apparently, a foot massage, besides from relaxing you, it will also heal the pain in some other parts of your body. According to Reflexology, which is a system of massage that is used to release, tension and treat illness, the feet are the most common part used as the areas to be treated. In the feet there are reflex areas, which correspond to all the parts of the body. So, by massaging the feet you can treat some other part of the body that might be suffering, such as a headache or migraine.

A good foot massage treatment promotes good health. In particular:

  1. Helps you relax
  2. Helps you sleep better
  3. Lowers the blood pressure
  4. Reduces the effects of depression and anxiety
  5. Improves circulation
  6. Alleviates headaches and migraines
Skillful beautician undergoing feet massage

Bottom line is: have a break from your busy life and try a foot massage. Worst-case scenario, you will experience a mind blowing foot massage and probably get rid of an annoying headache.

Speak soon.


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