Have a Merry healthy Christmas tea

Christmas tea with orange, honey and spices

The festive season is totally upon us. I have been for a walk in central London and everywhere I looked it ‘screamed’ of Christmas. The streets, the window stores, the coffee shops, the buses, the people all dressed up, they all looked bright and shiny. It felt as if there was a rain of Christmas lights all over London. It was truly beautiful.

Walking around London in December though, it can be freezing and this sounds like an easy way to catch a cold or flu. So I am back home, curled up on the couch and just made myself a hot, steamy cup of delicious Christmas tea.

A warm cup of tea, during winter, can help you strengthen your body’s defenses against the ‘hit’ of a cold. It warms your body and soothes your heart. Tea will keep your teeth healthy due to its fluoride content. Also, tea will help you lose weight because it accelerates the body’s metabolism.

Tea pot and biscuits

Since we have entered the festive period, I am having some of my favourite Christmas tea. It is black tea with festive spices, ginger, star anise, orange peel, clove, vanilla and cinnamon. Ginger is usually being used as a home remedy to fight a cold. Star anise will boost the immune system to avoid a cold or flu. This cup of tea is full of festive aromas and will invoke the holiday spirit.

If it is hard to believe how good this tea is, you can try yourself some of this exquisite Ushvani Christmas tea and let me know what you think. Have a Merry healthy Christmas.

Speak soon.


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